Singapore Airlines Flight Review: Manila to Singapore (78X)

This is the first in a series of five flight reviews involving Singapore Airlines and Malaysia Airlines.  The trip spans May 26 to June 3, taking the author across three Southeast Asian destinations: Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Bangkok (then back to Singapore and later Manila).  

Video version here:


Since a pandemic was declared over COVID-19, the only overseas trip I made was flying back home from the UK to the Philippines in November 2021.  So this is effectively my first overseas holiday in over three years.  For the most part, the procedures and protocols were as straightforward as before the pandemic.  No need for a costly RT-PCR or even a rapid antigen test.  Even a proof of vaccination need not be shown.  Although one difference is that in lieu of paper landing or departure cards, you have to do it online, preferably before arriving at the airport.

Having saved up enough money, I decided to travel to Singapore and fly there using Singapore Airlines' (SIA) business class product.  I paid with a mixture of cash and miles (US$865 and over 7,700 miles).  Given SIA's hard product and reputation for expensive business class tickets, I thought there would be no other better time to try it.


Before the 48-hour check-in window, I logged on to to select my meals in advance.  For this flight, I settled on the omlette option although the beef brisket option also seemed attractive.  There was no "book the cook service" as this was a flight into Singapore.

TIP: Book the cook has a wider selection than the three-choice menu provided in-flight but you need to order your meal 24+ hours in advance, and be flying premium economy class or higher on a flight departing Singapore.

As I mentioned, there are no more paper landing or departure cards.  But Philippine and Singaporean authorities open the registration at slightly different times.  E-travel, run by Philippine authorities, invites passengers to sign in 72 hours before their flight.  One gets a QR code at the end of the process to present to Philippine passport control.  Singapore's platform opens two days before the flight.  Once we entered the relevant information there, they would email a confirmation which we would later refer to.

TIP: Print out these QR codes and confirmations for easier presentation.  They are usually easier that way than searching on your phone.

One thing that is unique to the Philippines is payment of travel tax, also known as TIEZA.  This is payable either at the airport or online.  We paid our taxes online to save ourselves the hassles of queuing and taking cash out.

TIP: Pay your travel tax online.  This is useful if you don't want to use cash and wish to save time at the airport.


On the day of the day of our trip, we arrived at 04.30.  The x-ray machines at the entrance of the gates were gone.  It was slightly later than I hoped for (my fault though) but it did not matter because the desks would not yet open for another 10 minutes.  

The staff initially directed me to the longer economy class lane but when I clarified I was travelling in business class, I was sent to the latter lane.

The agent who assisted me was pretty courteous.  She confirmed all the details.  In no time I got my boarding card.  

I would then spend the next 45 minutes queuing at security (both passport control and the x-ray).  I was nervous because of horror stories involving passport control officers offloading Filipinos.  But when it was my turn to present myself, it went smoothly.  

TIP: If you are a first-time traveller and are travelling to a country which does not require a visa for Filipinos, that may be a problem for you with passport control officers.  Be sure to secure evidence of your ties in the Philippines.  Showing stable employment, financial, and property ownership will help you overcome any issues with officers.  

As I was carrying my water bottle, my worry turned to disposing the liquids.  Of course I could drink them.  Given efforts to encourage sustainability, water bottles are permitted past airport security as long as they are emptied out before you reach the checkpoint.

Although the wait to finish the x-ray check with was about 15 minutes, it went uneventful.  

I just walked around the airside portion to see if anything has changed.  I used the opportunity to take quick photos of the aeroplanes at the gate.  There were planes by ANA, Cathay Pacific, Turkish Airlines, Cebu Pacific (A330 neo of all planes), and Singapore Airlines.  

ANA Boeing 787 on the tarmac


This would mark the first time I would use SIA's lounge.  The interiors were nice, calming and inviting.  It was not really flashy or gimmicky.  And it is smaller than the lounge used by Cathay Pacific.  

TIP: Business class passengers on Star Alliance flights can use the Silver Kris lounge if it if that flight departs whilst the lounge is open.  

SIA's Silver Kris Lounge at Terminal 3

Food selection at SIA's Silver Kris Lounge, NAIA Terminal 3

They had pods for those who wanted a slightly more private space.  They resembled SIA's long haul business class seats a little though obviously without the recline.  The desk was wide enough to store laptops, phones, and the food.  We only had a handful of them so I was lucky to enter the lounge early to secure my space. 

The food selection was a bit lacking.  Not a lot of them interested me.  Luckily for SIA's MNL operations, I was under doctor's orders to watch my diet and not pig out.  I ended up getting some pieces of focassia bread, dinner rolls, yoghurt, and Mocha coffee.  

The lounge had good views of the planes but the blinds were lowered.

At 06.30, we got an announcement saying the general seating area was shared between premium and regular passengers.  We were encouraged to stay in the lounge until called to do so.  Well, it was not so bad considering I had plenty of things I needed to do on my laptop.  One of these things was to buy last-minute insurance just costing over ₱900 (US$16, €15, £12.85) to cover my trip.

TIP: With COVID still a threat and unexpected surprises, always have travel insurance!    

Flight Number: SQ915
Gate: 110
Aircraft: Boeing 787-10
Scheduled Departure Time: 07:40
Aircraft Registration: 9V-SCE

As soon as we were called for boarding, I started moving out of the lounge.  On the way to the gate, I was annoyed that the travellators were not working.  

At gate 110, I saw the lane for business class passengers and the staff needed only to see the boarding card.  One piece of bad news: only one aerobridge (out of two) was operational.  It did not make sense.  

This was my first ever Boeing 787 flight.  I know what the seats looked like but seeing them in the flesh is a very different experience.  I can feel glee inside of me.  

The business class cabin is laid on in a 1-2-1 configuration.  Each seat is guaranteed aisle access so passengers do not need to ask the one beside them to scoot.  But some seats are slightly closer to the aisle than others though the latter seats offer a bit more in the way of privacy.

TIP: For more privacy, choose an A or K seat in rows 12, 15, 17, or 19, or - if travelling with a partner - a D or H seat in rows 11, 14, 16, or 18.  

SIA's business class cabin

And the crew started with serving pre-departure beverages for us.  I chose the orange juice.  

Pre-departure beverage on SIA flights

This seat is almost identical to the one used by Turkish Airlines on its long haul flights.  I played with this flat bed seat like a child and to say it was comfortable is a gross understatement.  It felt like I could stay in this seat all day.  I'll talk about the bed mode in a bit.

But then the captain announced the flight would only be 2 hours and 55 minutes long.  It is pretty short compared to my previous SIA flights (though one may have to consider the aircraft used but I am not sure).  

Shortly after take-off, the crew started serving the breakfast.  They set up our tray tables to have linens and gave us full silverware.  

The dining portion of the service took nearly half the flight.  It had the hallmarks of fine-dining.  The food was on the table during that time.  The crew were not rushing us.  They waited until we were finished to serve the next course.  I chose croissants and muffins.  The omlettes, sausages and potatoes were scrumptious that I got so full quickly.  

Full meal on Singapore Airlines Business class

I tried the seat in bed mode.  From what Youtubers have said they find the foot space constricting.  I don't know if it's my height but my feet seem to fit quite comfortably into the foot cubby.  With just one touch of a button, the seat converts to a bed.  This is different from what SIA's long haul business class (particularly on the Boeing 777-300ER and some Airbus A350-900s) offers.  I only managed to try 10 minutes fully lying down.  I did lean against the shell and sat down on what should normally be the seatback.  

I was tempted to book a Singapore-Kuala Lumpur SIA business class flight.  For reasons I will explain in the next trip report, that did not happen.  But sufficing to say for now that given this relatively short time to enjoy this regional seat, I would only get disappointed if I booked SIA for my Singapore-Kuala Lumpur flight.  

TIP: If you want to enjoy the seat on flights as long as Manila-Singapore, finish your food quickly.  You will find that you will get spoilt with SIA's culinary offerings.  Less time eating means more time playing around with the seat or taking a nap if so desired. :)

On the in-flight entertainment: I don't know where to begin.  I heard SIA's 787 features live satellite TV.  At the start of the flight I noticed it was not working.  Yet minutes after we were airborne CNN, BBC, CNBC, and Sport24 were on.  I kept shifting between one of those channels and some episodes of Friends series 8.  Noise-cancelling headsets were also provided for us.  The internet speeds were fairly decent for the satellite on-air flights.  But you cannot use your free allocation on than one device at the same time.  The seat has one AC outlet and two USB ports.  

SIA's Kris World moving map channel has a customiseable view

SIA's IFE monitor

Kris World remote on a 787, you can also control the IFE by touching the mainscreen

SIA's Kris World entertainment system features a wide library of TV programmes and films

Live TV is available on SIA's 787s once airborne

TIP: Having a Kris Flyer frequent flyer account has some IFE advantages.  You can get some free wifi for at least part of the flight.  Also, you can create a playlist and continue viewing/listing to content on a future flight.  

Before we knew it, it was time to approach Changi Airport.  I had mixed feelings.  On one hand, excitement that I would be visiting such a lovely city again for the first time in almost 10 years, or sadness in that my business class experience with this flight would conclude at least for the moment.

Regional SIA flights could arrive at Terminal 2 or Terminal 3.  One will only know for certain about one hour before landing.  I've seen that most flights from Manila would arrive at the latter.  Unfortnately I was on a flight that would use the former.  This would add unnecessary hassle because I arranged for something to be picked up at Terminal 3 given the history.  Not to mention a required visit to the Jewel, which Terminal 2 is furthest from.

Terminal 2 was only reopened late in 2022. 
Much of it is still under renovation.

Changi Airport Terminal 2 Arrival hall

These are rated from 1 to 10 with ten being the best score.  Also, please note that given the COVID-19 pandemic, expectations have been adjusted accordingly. This covers aspects of the flight experience that Singapore Airlines and its ground agents are responsible for with a focus on Business Class.
  • Check-in (9/10): The staff was polite.  It would have helped though to open the check-in desks more than 3 hours given the time it takes to clear security.  
  • Lounge (8/10): The lounge had plenty of comfortable seating and was generally calming.  Not too crowded.  There were catering staff who attended.  In terms of food selection, I found it fairly underwhelming and limited.  Another thing that SIA's Silver Kris lounge could consider introducing could include computers with printing facilities and storage for bags so that those who wish to leave the lounge and return later won't have to worry about their bags.  Overall, it was good but not something to get too excited over.  
  • Boarding Process (9/10): A quick process of the lane.  But a slight let-down is the usage of one jet bridge for both passengers.  It has slown down the process.
  • Seating area (10/10): Please tell me a carrier that guarantees a flat bed on all regional flights.  This easily passes as a long-haul product on many other carriers and given what I've heard about SIA's long-haul business class, I wouldn't be surprised if I like this regional business class better.  If there was any criticism of it, it is that the flight was too short to enjoy it.  
  • Food (10/10):  Excellent presentation.  I may not be as used to business class fine dining as I should but you can easily get food coma with how delicious they tasted.  I loved the breakfast that the only reason I did not finish it is I did not want to get admonished by my doctors.  
  • Cabin Crew (10/10): If there is one thing that makes SIA the best, it has to be their crew.  They pay attention to detail and are courteous.  I am especially pleased with the young male flight attendant who served my section.      
  • Punctuality (10/10): We left the gate early, flight was shorter than actually advertised.  We landed way ahead of schedule. 
  • In-flight Entertainment and Connectivity (10/10): It was a slow start with live TV programmes and wifi unavailable until after takeoff but once activated, you would not know where to begin which selections to stick to.  Perfect timing with the flight happening at the same time as an NBA game that I watched.  You can create your playlist to continue tuning in to them on future flights.  I'm grateful to experience complimentary wifi but SIA should consider allowing passengers to use it on multiple devices at the same time.      



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