United Airlines to fly San Francisco-Manila from October 2023

United Airlines is set to open nonstop flights from San Francisco to Manila starting October 29 2023.  

United Airlines 777-300ER
Image source: Wikimedia

The new service is scheduled to be daily with the outbound flight (UA191) from San Francisco departing at 12.35 am local time and arriving at Manila the following day at 6.35 am.  The inbound flight (UA190) departs at 9.55 am and touches down in San Francisco at 7.20 am.  These flights are now bookable on United.com.

The flights will use United's Boeing 777-300ER aircraft.  This features 60 United signature Polaris (business class) seats, 24 premium economy class seats, and 266 regular economy class seats.  Fares start at approximately US$1,500 (£1,138).

With this new service, United becomes the first US carrier to offer nonstop flights between the Philippines and the US mainland.  As San Francisco is a United Airlines hub, the flight gives easier access to passengers from the Philippines to more flights on United's network.  Likewise the San Francisco Bay Area is known to house one of the largest Filipino communities in the US.  

Currently, United flies between Manila and Guam as well as between Manila and Palau several times a week.  In addition, Philippine Airlines operates nonstop flights year-round between Manila and San Francisco, as well as to other US cities such as Honolulu, Los Angeles, and New York.  


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