Air Asia: Cancellations and Scheduling Changes Frustrate Passengers

Air Asia Philippines is facing harsh criticism and hundreds of complaints following the recent cancellation and schedule changes of several flights. 

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Passengers have reported booking flights as many as two times only to receive subsequent emails stating that the flights had been cancelled and rescheduled to accommodate "operational considerations" and "unforeseen events."
Other passengers report changes due to "schedule realignments."

Representatives from Air Asia state that scheduled aircraft maintenance has impacted flight schedules to certain destination. While the airline is offering complete refunds for passengers who do not wish to book another flight, the Civil Aeronautics Board says that airlines are not permitted to change any flight schedules without seeking its approval.

Penalties range from P5,000 per violation to P200 per day until the violation remains unresolved. Passengers may file complaints through the CAB website or by using passenger complaint hotlines. The Civil Aeronautics Board reports that complaints have been coming in since January. 


  1. Yes. They canceled my flights last May 24. Paid for those tickets on April. I request for refund. It's been 3 months now and I am yet to get my refund. I've been told many lies (30 banking days, 14 days, expect refund to be credited to my bank on August 23...) and it's really getting frustrating. I feel like I've been robbed in broad daylight. Who do you turn to for help when a big corporation steps on ordinary citizens like us? I've asked help from CAB, DTI... and they've made initial actions (wrote letters to AirAsia), but was also given standard replies...Terrible, heartless airline.

  2. If your flight is ever cancelled by AirAsia, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS opt for the credit shell.


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