CAAP Increasing Efforts to Maintain Aviation Safety

Following the successful lifting of the ban on Philippine Airlines flying to Europe, the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines is now focused on convincing the US Federal Aviation Administration to lift the ban on Philippine carriers for flights to the United States. The aviation regulator is closely monitoring violations committed by both foreign and domestic airlines as it increases its efforts to ensure that the FAA ban is lifted. 

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The Civil Aviation Authority is currently investigating two South Korean air carriers for violations of the Philippine Civil Aviation Regulations. While the airlines cannot be identified until the investigation is complete, CAAP did disclose that it had penalized two Air Busan pilots in October with a $1,500 penalty for violation of operational requirements and failing to adhere to air traffic control clearances. 

Most recently, the Civil Aviation Authority has been closely monitoring Cebu Pacific following an incident in June that saw an A320 aircraft veer off the runway in Davao. As a result of the CAAP investigation, the regulator decided to suspend both pilots and to enforce a corrective action plan that will require the airline to increase its minimum aircraft turnaround times up to forty five minutes. Cebu Pacific has been given until July 31 to comply with all of the requirements or the airline will face suspension of operations. CAAP is also evaluating the possibility of requiring all domestic carriers in the Philippines to maintain a minimum 45 minute turn around for all domestic flights. 

CAAP will be deploying additional flight inspectors that will be tasked with conducting heightened surveillance, monitoring of flight crews and airline operations beginning this month. The regulator has demanded unrestricted access to all properly identified flight inspectors. In addition, air traffic controllers will no longer be permitted to allow aircraft to take off or land during zero visibility conditions. 

The European Ambassador made the announcement on July 10 that the ban imposed on Philippine Airlines would be lifted. A visit is expected in early August by the Chief of the Federal Aviation Administration, Michael Huerta, who will be making an announcement on the country's aviation category status. 

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