Philippine Airlines Ending Toronto Service

Less than a year after beginning its global expansion which began in Toronto, Philippine Airlines will be cancelling its service to Toronto effective September 18, 2013. 

pal toronto to manila
Copyright Photo: Angelo Agcamaran/PPSG
The airline is currently operating a Manila to Toronto via Vancouver service three times per week using one of its Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. When the route launched on November 30, 2012, the airline was operating the Manila to Toronto leg non-stop three times per week. Plans had originally called for the service to become daily. But poor performance resulted in the airline's decision to route all Toronto services via Vancouver and maintain the service at three flights per week. 

Philippine Airlines currently does not face any direct competition on its routes between Canada and Manila although there are several Asian carriers offering one stop service via their respective hubs. Air Canada does not serve the Philippines. 

While it is no secret that the Manila-Toronto route did not perform for the airline as it had expected, the airline cited the opening of European air space as the reason for terminating its Toronto service. It is expected that the aircraft will be reallocated to European services. 

The launch of the Toronto service was Philippine Airline's first route to the East Coast of North America in 15 years. The decision will not affect the airline's route to Vancouver which will continue although it is unclear if the Boeing 777 will remain on the route. 

The airline has indicated that it intends to redeploy its entire Boeing 777 fleet to Europe. The arrival of new Airbus A330 aircraft will replace the Boeing 777 on PAL's existing routes within Asia and to Australia. 


  1. They reversed their plan to axe btw.

  2. sayang naman... sana kasi mas pinalakas nila yung marketing.

  3. they are just in the beginning... it will eventually increase its passengers if they will continue even just for one schedule in a week. I was just thinking to take PAL again because of it's direct flight. sayang...

  4. kasi naman hindi competitve ang pricing ng PAL. Ang mga Pinoy sa Toronto ay cheap, kung ano ang mura ay yuon ang bibilhin kahit pa 30 hours ang flight makamura lang. At saka and kalaban ng PAL sa Toronto ay Cathay Pacific, Korean, at Eva Air, which are all first class airlines kaya kung gusto ng PAL na maging successful sa Toronto ay dapat na sila ang pinakamura.

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