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  1. Hi, Does Skyjet have a hotline number? They said they have issue on their flights and moved our trip, but we haven't heared from them yet about rebooking and it's frustrating already.

    1. You may try contacting SkyJet Airlines at one of the following numbers: (02)650.1059 / (02)823.3366 or (02)635.4810

  2. My trip to Batanes last Feb 3 -5, 2014 with Skyjet. The service in land was not good I experienced delayed flight without prior notice or even email. My flight to Basco was 5:30am but I was surprised when I received my boarding pass it was 6:20 am.Likewise Basco to Manila 7:10 am but we departed past 9am. They said the reason behind this was giving or exchanging with PAL an earlier time instead. But some says because of Kris Aquino and staff that supposed to be in that flight but they cancelled their flight due to her sickness. But in service in air was great, the staff gave us some snack and sparkling wine (w/o alcohol content).

    1. I hate Kris Aquino! Papansin!

  3. flight from Manila to Batanes & back after 3 days, impressive crew, fast courteous and alert. Pilot's are competent, communicative and articulate, smooth take off and landings. Good value...BAE 146 aircraft though old performs well, I like the fact that it has 4 jet engines:-)

  4. Very poor customer service, especially the people I've talked to online. I also don't understand the point of increasing prices when booking more than 2 seats per flight.

  5. My girlfriend is on board skyjet airlines from basco today. The tire of the airplane fell off while taking off from basco. The pilots are all good they landed safe in manila. But i saw bad reviews of this airline. Is this safe? Authorities should look into this please. Its the safety of the public which is important.


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