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  1. Booked free flights on Tiger's 2 hour sale (no fuel surcharge!)2 weeks ago so it was really good value.No luggage going and 15kilos on the way back (overnight trip lang naman).

    MNL-CEB MNL-CEB, July 3, Wed.
    Flight was at 0530 so was at NAIA4 at 4a.m. No line, easy check-in. Glad to see there was a Seattle's Best in Terminal 4.

    As usual, we boarded ahead of sked and arrived in Cebu 20 mins. ahead of ETA. Flight was half full. Liked the new plane feel of the plane. Seat 23 was quite masikip. Overall a very nice flight and the FAs were cheerful for an early morning red eye flight. No complaints.

    On the flight back, we checked in 2 hours ahead in Mactan Cebu. No lines also. Unlike my last flight with them in Feb, the lines were very long so we made an effort to be really early coz they don't have web check-in. Good to be early in Mactan as the District 32 concessionaires have greatly improved. You can eat Zubuchon or have tapas in the wine bar! Very global and not the usual sari-sari stores selling pasalubong. Congrats Mactan Cebu Airport!

    Again, our boarding commenced early and we left early. Aisle 18 was more spacious than row 23. Again, flight was half full and the cabin crew were very friendly.

    Would definitely fly with them again. Naia 4 isn't stressful since there are less people now and it's much quicker to get your baggage. Will definitely fly with them again..especially with the no fuel surcharge seat sales. They are a very reliable airline. Keep it up, Tigerair!

  2. BKK-CRK

    We flew from Bangkok to Clark with Tiger Air in July 2013. Overall, the flight and service was good and everything ran on time. While the crew was friendly, I was expecting them to be a little more outgoing and interactive to live up to the new Tiger Air service values. But instead, they left me with an attitude of indifference and I found them to be more reactive than proactive in carrying out their duties.

    Once they had completed their routine services on the flight, they disappeared behind the curtain and were never to be seen again. The crew didn’t even complete a thorough check before landing. A tray table remained down and a seat was reclined in the empty row beside us during landing. I also found it odd how much they used the privacy curtain during the flight. The presence of the curtain discouraged use of the front lavatory. In my humble opinion, the privacy curtain should only be used if only necessary as it reflects an unwelcoming attitude as if the crew does not want to be bothered.

    I was also disappointed with the meals onboard. I understand that the airline is currently undergoing transition to create a more uniform experience with Tigerair. However, I did not appreciate that the meals for sale advertised on the Tigerair website were nowhere to be found on the aircraft. I also did not like that I could not preorder my meal online. Tigerair says that you must do so at the time of booking but when I booked my ticket, Seair had not yet fully integrated as Tigerair meaning that I was not even given the option to purchase a meal.

    I also found it ineffective that there was no food or shopping menu in the seat pocket of the aircraft. I would have been much more likely to order something if I had the opportunity to read about various products and meals available in advance to enable me to make a decision rather than be forced to listen to the less than audible announcements of the cabin crew as they roll by at lightning speed with the trolley. I believe in-flight sales would be more effective if passengers had the full knowledge of what was available for sale.

    Finally, I wish Tigerair would advertise all-in fares on their website like AirAsia. It’s incredibly frustrating to watch your fare gradually rise as you go through the booking process with hidden fees. I would much prefer to see how much I am going to pay including taxes and service fees up front.

    1. What a crybaby review, full of insignificant whines. Hell...it's a budget airline, El Cheapo! Ever heard this: you get what you pay for? Stick to the Deltas, the Asianas, and the Cathays, perhaps.

    2. I think he is right. It's a budget airline, you get what you pay for. :D

    3. No matter what, the tickets were still paid. If they cannot give good service, then they suck. Simple as that.

      Besides, this is a review site and not a paid ad (or are others being paid to give good comment here?)... Just saying.

    4. If you are not happy, get the pricey flight. Your complaints were insane considering this is the cheapest flight ever. Shut up and buckle up woman.

  3. MNL-PPS

    We booked a fairly good deal with Tiger Air sometime August 2013 via a deal site. For 2 pax we got a round trip fare of 2,598 to Puerto Princesa. All in.

    It was my first flight with Tiger Air and was happy that the overall experience met my expectations. What impressed me the most is, TA is ahead of schedule.

    However, I felt uncomfortable during the return flight. The flight wasn't smooth and bumpy most of the time. We felt dizzy upon arrival in Manila.

    As for the in flight experience, crew performed their duty as expected. Leg room is okay. We were seated comfortable, however, I noticed that seat upholstery is kinda old and smelly.

    Despite all these, for a budget and on-time airline, T.A. deserves another chance. I'll definitely book another flight with you.

  4. I would like to commend your staff at Puerto Princesa who helped us to check in for our flight back to Manila DG7063 last monday May 26, 2014 at 2:55 pm. In behalf of our group of 13 people I would like to thank Mr. Adonis (I was not able to get his last name) it enabled us to enjoy our stay a while longer. He is an asset to your company and one of the reasons why flying at TIGERAIRWAYS More FUN.

  5. MNL - SIN

    They FA are RUDE esp the Malaysian , we are lucky that there a Pinoy FA , so if theres any problem encounter during the flight , he is there for the help!


  6. I flew with Tiger Air Philippines since 2012 and the last this June. Overall it was good and what I like with their service is on time and arrival is always ahead of time around 20 minutes or so. Terminal 4 is good since there are only 2 carriers who operate. Hope they can still offer promos though they have synergise the ticketing platform to CEBUPAC. Hope more flight destinations and frequency.

  7. Was supposed to take the Dec. 7, 2014 flight to Davao from Manila but because of the typhoon, opted to had it rebooked as they offered it for free for all flights. The forecast was that the typhoon will be in the Philippine area of Responsibility between Dec. 5-8. We called them to have our flight changed to the 8th for our safety. By december 7th, the typhoon has yet hit Manila and was expected on the evening of the 8th. We made sure to keep ourselves updated but Cebu Pacific/ Tigerair did not cancel our flight to which we did not understand as other airlines have already cancelled their evening flights to Davao.

    We were 5 adults to which 2 are senior citizens and 4 children. It was raining hard when we were boarding. Since the Terminal 4 doesn't have tubes, I was expecting they'd have someone carry the umbrellas. I've had similar experience before on the same airport when it rained during boarding and then they'd have someone assist you with the umbrella. Unfortunately for this flight, they had none. Walking on the ramp, our shoes got super wet. We each had 1 carry on baggage with us plus a personal bag, 1 child and an umbrella to mind. None of the ramp personnel assisted my parents. AND IT WAS ALSO WINDY because of the typhoon.

    My mother was only a few steps from reaching the top when she lost balance because of the slippery stairs. She fell down around 4 or 5 steps back first. Thankfully my father was on the same line as her and was able to catch her. I was also able to get a little hold of her to stop her from falling further. It took a few seconds for the ramp staff to assist her. Once up, they only helped her up the stairs. NONE OF THE CREW minded what has happened. I took the carry on baggage my mother had other than the one I already have. 2 of the kids with us had to walk in the plane without assistance while my mother painfully walked down the aisle to our seat. I had to assist them to the seat, tuck our baggage in the overhead WITHOUT ANY HELP FROM THE CREW!!!!!

    When we were seated, none of them came over to ask if she needed any medical help. I sat there and texted my sister in law who was in the next flight on the same airlines. I also texted my brother and my other sister in law as I felt really helpless. I asked my cousin to call on for first aid to which they did not offer right away. My cousin and I got to an individual argument with crews stating how incompetent they are and that my mother needed medical attention. They did not even offer to have my mother take the next flight so she can get herself checked first in the clinic until I asked for it. They said it may not be possible because the next flight might get cancelled because of the typhoon. Who cares when the next flight can take off? The important thing was that they have her checked!


  8. Tiger air have good service and sometime they have cheap flight. I like their color, strong! Tiger Airways

  9. Flight TR2728 was delayed for.an hour as.the plane had.no crew. Just shows lack of coordination as how can you have a plane with no cabin crew. This reallynis dissappointing as they are taking for granted the time lost due to this delay!

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