TigerAir Launches Manila-Phuket Flights

TigerAir Philippines has announced that it will begin direct flights between Manila and the popular resort island of Phuket,Thailand beginning in September. 

Image Source: TigerAir Philippines
To celebrate the inaugural flight, the airline is offering an all-inclusive round trip ticket for just P3,499. Olive Ramos, CEO of TigerAir, indicated that the new direct flight would begin on September 3. "We are happy to announce that effective September, we are flying to Phuket, Thailand twice a week every Tuesday and Saturday to accommodate as many passengers who wish to visit Phuket," said Ramos. 

Since its rebranding as TigerAir Philippines on July 3, the airline indicated that it planned to open new direct routes that would enable guests to travel faster and more conveniently to major destinations across Asia-Pacific. On July 18, the airline launched the first and only direct flight between Kalibo and Singapore. 

However, the airline is not alone on its new service from Manila to Phuket. Cebu Pacific announced earlier this year that it would begin the first direct flight between Manila and Phuket on August 16, 2013.

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