WestJet Christmas Miracle

Overseas Filipinos are all too familiar with what it means to fly home for the holidays. It is often the only time they get to see their families all year long. The experience is rarely pleasant during the Christmas season with increased fares, long lines, and crowded airports. For many travellers, it can be a tiring and frustrating experience. But this year, one Canadian based low-cost airline set out to change that for more than 250 guests on two of their holiday flights.

westjet christmas miracle

It all started in early August when staff at WestJet Airlines sat down to brainstorm a special Christmas project that reflected what "giving" looked like at its best. The goal was to do something big, exciting, and fresh. What resulted four months later was the "WestJet Christmas Miracle."

With the help of 175 WestJet volunteers, three airports, and Santa himself, WestJet created a Christmas miracle for guests on two of its Calgary-bound flights from Hamilton and Toronto. Upon arriving for the flight, passengers were invited to share their Christmas wish with a live Santa Claus prior to boarding their respective flight.

westjet airlines

What passengers did not realize was that WestJet staff were working away like busy little elves behind the scenes taking notes of their Christmas wishes. When the passengers arrived at their destination and proceeded to the baggage carousel, there were tears and smiles as passengers were greeted by presents coming down the carousel filled with their Christmas wishes.


  1. WestJet is the best. I'll definitely fly with them anytime. Air Canada's stewardesses always seem cranky. I've had nothing but good service from WestJet.

  2. The holidays are here which means that families start traveling to see relatives. Since most kids do not like to be bored, parents tied to have lots of activities to keep them occupied. At the same time, parents don't want to bring an entire house full of toys on a trip.

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