AirAsia Zest Skids Off Kalibo Runway

An AirAsia Zest aircraft bound for Busan, South Korea skidded off the runway at Kalibo International Airport on Thursday afternoon after the pilot miscalculated the runway during a turn prior to take-off resulting in the front tire of the aircraft rolling off the runway. 

zest air runway incident kalibo
Image Source: Skyscraper City Forums/Photographer Unknown
According to Christopher Laxa of the Philippine National Police Aviation Security Group, the incident occurred at approximately 3:15pm leading to the temporary closure of the airport. Four flights had to be diverted as a result of the incident including one Cebu Pacific flight, one PAL Express flight, and two Tigerair flights. 

In an interview with ANC, John Andrews, Deputy Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines explained that during the 180-degree turn of the Airbus A320 aircraft prior to take-off, "there was probably some miscalculation on speed or allowance" on the part of the pilot.

All 144 people on board the aircraft are safe with no injuries reported. The passengers on board the aircraft were tourists returning from a vacation to the popular beach destination, Boracay Island. Although the aircraft has been removed from the runway at Kalibo International Airport, it has not been cleared for flight. The pilot of the aircraft and cabin crew on board are now automatically suspended pending further investigation. Each member of the crew will be required to undergo a medical examination, drug tests, and proficiency checks before they can be cleared. 

Operations at Kalibo International Airport were restored to normal by 5:20pm and AirAsia Zest dispatched a rescue flight to pick up the stranded passengers. An investigation by the Civil Aviation Authority as to the cause of the incident is already underway and the aircraft registered as RP-C8988 is undergoing a complete inspection to determine if it sustained any damage. 

air asia zest runway accident kalibo
Image Source: Skyscraper City Forums/Photographer Unknown
This is the fourth incident in the last six months involving an aircraft skidding off the runway. In June, a Cebu Pacific aircraft skidded off the runway at Davao International Airport while trying to land in heavy rain. In August, a Tigerair aircraft slid off the runway at Kalibo International Airport after the pilot miscalculated a turn prior to take-off. Most recently, a SkyJet Airlines aircraft overshot the runway on Balesin Island in October after the pilot miscalculated the approach. In all incidents, pilot error was suspected as the cause of the accident. This most recent event follows a long list of incidents that have occurred this year alone calling into question the country's overall aviation safety record and the reliability and training of Philippine air crews.

AirAsia Zest is the newly re-branded name of ZestAir and AirAsia Philippines. The Civil Aviation Authority suspended ZestAir's permit to fly in August without notice for alleged violations of Philippine Civil Aviation Regulations. The suspension was mysteriously lifted three days later after more than 8,000 passengers had been affected by the suspension. ZestAir owner, Alfredo Yao, referred to the suspension as a "misunderstanding." The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines is currently attempting to restore the aviation safety rating of the country by the US Federal Aviation Administration back to Category 1 status.


  1. Without taxiways, it is doubtful that Kalibo Airport (let's drop the word international!) really sufficient to handle international flights. It's really little more than an overblown landing strip with a shack for a terminal.

    1. This is a clear (Airport) Aviation Authority (CAAP)LAPSES coz this runway incursion happens due to its narrow end of the runway. This is while making a 180 degree turn at the end of runway in preparation for take-off, airport authorities should consider the risk and several factors that might resulted to an incident/accident. Does airport in kalibo has runway markings which pilots during their training always follow the yellow line? Remember, that this is not the only operator that have KALIBO incident. AND CAAP is always saying that they will be CAT 1? You cannot fool reality....wake up and grow up.. The President was fooled by this people in the Aviation Authorities. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. "Skids off runway"is a bit exaggerated isn't it?
    "How about "Pilot miscalculates turn and gets stuck in mud" ?

  3. IF I WAS PNOY I WILL REVAMP THE CIVIL AVIATION AUTHORITY ? Why because this shows how incompetent the present administration is doing. Its always a BLACK Propaganda by this group and how corruption inside the system is working. CAAP in 2008 has an allotted 50billion pesos for becoming an Authority but in 2013, they do not have a concrete line up of plantilla personnel, facilities, runways projects for rehab., and contingency plan for improvement of airports to meet the international standards.
    SHAME on this situation.......>>>>

  4. another grounds of failing the FAA Audit!...kakahiya!

  5. Gosh, one would believe the country could enforce better safety for airline passengers in Philippines. Pilots should not be allowed to fly if they cannot judge distance.!


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