European Decision on Cebu Pacific Expected Before Mid-2014

An official from the European Union has revealed that a decision on whether to lift a ban preventing Cebu Pacific from flying to Europe is expected some time in the first half of this year.

Image Source: Cebu Pacific
According to Julian Vassallo, a political counselor for the EU Delegation to the Philippines, the request of Cebu Pacific to lift the ban preventing the carrier from flying to Europe is currently under review. 

Last July, the European Union lifted a ban preventing Philippine Airlines from flying into European air space. Since then, PAL has mounted its first flights to Europe in fifteen years with direct service between Manila and London Heathrow. Philippine Airlines has an ambitious expansion plan for Europe that will see the carrier add a number of new European destinations this year. 

"We are happy now that people from both Europe and the Philippines can experience ease of travel with direct flights after more than a decade," said Vassallo. "We are currently helping Cebu Pacific get off the list of EU banned airlines. I expect a decision in the first half of 2014."

Vassalo added that the re-establishment of direct flights between Manila and Europe will help to strengthen bilateral relationships between Europe and the Philippines as the flow of people from both sides will be eased. In addition, it will help to boost tourism to the Philippines with an increase in European visitors. However, he noted that the long journey to the Philippines remains the biggest hurdle for many Europeans in choosing the Philippines as a tourist destination as the long hours of travel are lengthened further by transfers in regional hubs at Singapore and Hong Kong. 

Cebu Pacific had originally intended to bring forth its case to the European Union at the same time as Philippine Airlines but had to back out due to mounting pressure that the airline was not ready as a result of a number of incidents that occurred last year with the most prominent being an aircraft that ran off the runway at Davao in June of 2013. 


  1. I can think of nothing worse than flying in one of Cebu Pacific's cramped planes all the way to Europe!

    1. Such cramped flying will make many good candidates for DVT (deep vein thrombosis)!

  2. My mother who was 75 at the time she took a holiday to shsnghai, swore she would never take those wee in the morning, and cramped flights ever. Of course this was not the cause of her demise, but she really did not enjoy that trip with her midwihe. I

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    But some people prefer the full service carrier. to flight them to Europe even before Airasia X Attempt to introduce flights to london but they failed

  4. Funny and annoying how people comment how bad cebupacific is. Hello?!?! It's a budget airline for crying out loud. If you want the "quality" airline experience, PAY EXTRA for it. Stop complaining for something you scrimped on.


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