Passenger Punches PAL Flight Attendant on Los Angeles Flight

A Filipino, based in Lakewood, California is facing federal criminal charges after punching a flight attendant on board Philippine Airlines Flight 112 from Manila to Los Angeles.

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Image Source: Brae Wyckoff/YouTube
According to the United States Department of Justice, Edgar Nafarrette Nonga, 53, was drunk aboard the Los Angeles flight when flight crew and at least five passengers restrained him after he became irate when the crew refused to serve him any additional alcoholic beverages.

In statements provided to federal agents, Nonga had four drinks at Ninoy Aquino International Airport prior to boarding the flight to Los Angeles. Upon boarding the aircraft, he helped himself to a bottle of whiskey that he discovered in the aircraft's galley. He then ordered another drink which triggered problems when the crew decided to cut him off after he requested a second drink. 

Witnesses claim that Nonga even puckered his lips while attempting to kiss a female flight attendant that was trying to get him to stop drinking. A male flight attendant identified as 'RL' intervened and stopped Nonga from kissing the co-worker, which resulted in Nonga throwing punches at the male flight attendant. 

In one testimony, Nonga was holding keys as if it was a knife while punching the male flight attendant. After being restrained, his mother allegedly spoke to the flight attendants and advised them to do whatever was necessary as Nonga was not listening to his parents either. 

In his federal affidavit, Nonga admitted being drunk on board the flight and helping himself to a bottle of whiskey. However, he did not remember attempting to kiss the flight attendant or punching anyone. Nonga did remember being pinned down and restrained before waking up hand-cuffed and seated beside a large man for the remaining hours of the flight.

Nonga is due to appear in U.S. District Court where he will face a charge of interference with a flight crew, which if convicted could lead to a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. The Los Angeles Police Department and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) were called to respond to the incident as the plane was landing at Los Angeles International Airport. According to the FBI, Nonga allegedly swore at members of the flight crew while making numerous demands. In spite of being issued several warnings, he punched a flight attendant twice in the face and the upper torso.

After being restrained by the crew and fellow passengers, Nonga was placed in flex-cuffs. His attorney, David Sutton, declined to provide any comment on his behalf. Nonga's bail is now set at $10,000. The California-based security guard was visiting relatives with his parents in the Philippines.  Nonga is a former US naval man that claims no previous history of mental illness and being honourably discharged from the Navy. According to officials, he was arrested in 2010 for drunk driving. 

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