Cebu Pacific Begins to Cut Staff at Tigerair Philippines

After completing its purchase of competing low-cost carrier, Tigerair Philippines, Cebu Pacific has begun reducing the workforce at its new subsidiary as part of consolidation efforts. 

Copyright Photo: Angelo Agcamaran/PPSG
Company sources revealed that Cebu Pacific has begun issuing notices of redundancy to the majority of employees at Tigerair Philippines. In the first wave of employee reductions, approximately 30 staff were let go. However, those in operations will be maintained. Current Tigerair Philippines President Olive Ramos has apparently tendered her resignation, which is due to take effect at the end of July.

According to Jorenz Tanada, Vice President for Corporate Affairs at Cebu Pacific, the company has no information or details to release regarding the redundancy notices. However, he did confirm that the subsidiary will be under new leadership. "All I can confirm is that Mr. Michael Shau is taking over as President of Tigerair Philippines," said Tanada. He added that he had "no other updates at this time."

Michael Shau is currently the Vice President for Ground Operations at Cebu Pacific. Earlier this year, Cebu Pacific acquired 100 percent ownership of Tigerair Philippines in a transaction worth $15 million. The deal was approved by the Civil Aeronautics Board and shareholders of both companies. As part of on-going consolidation efforts, domestic flights operated by Tigerair Philippines have been available for sale on the Cebu Pacific website and across its distribution network since April.


  1. Not only staff redundancy but cancel flights in and out of Clark and transfer to Manila. Causing distress to those passengers who booked flights from July 2014 to April 2015 who were under the impression that no change would occur. With no reasons for change. This really is a breach of contractual law. .

  2. They did promised that too to the employees that no change will occur but look what they did. It only proves that they do not have a word of honor.

  3. Gee, more lies of Cebu Pacific??

  4. When were you born people ? In a buyout expect layoffs due to redundancy and cost cutting measures to ensure profitability, can't imagine you don't know this things. This happens in the real world ! What planet are you from?


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