Ninoy Aquino International Airport to be Auctioned in 2015

The operations, maintenance, and redevelopment of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) are slated to be auctioned off to the private sector by mid-2015, according to the Public Private Partnership Center.

Image by Wikimedia
According to the PPP Center's executive director, Cosette Canilao, firms submitted consultancy proposals to the centre valued at US$2-$3 million. The consultant that will be picked will conduct a feasibility study expected to take place between November 2014 and March 2015. In addition, the consultant firm will act as the government's adviser in the proposed transaction.  

The government agency hopes that they can bring the matter up to the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) by May 2015.  She added that once the NEDA approves the proposal, they can begin the bidding by June or July of 2015.

Canilao reiterated the urgent nature of the project given the condition of the existing airport, adding that the project will "definitely" be awarded before the end of the Aquino administration.  In addition, she noted that accelerating the project to be implemented ahead of the pending deadline is also a possibility.

The move to privatise the airport's operations happens after several years of criticism, where the country's main gateway, particularly Terminal 1, has consistently received ratings as the worst airport in the world. Travellers constantly highlight congestion as one of the main concerns at the airport. The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) estimates that the current Ninoy Aquino International Airport will be at overcapacity beginning next year and that passenger traffic would exceed 100 million by 2040.  


  1. And the Gov't can start pointing who's responsible. I hope they have stiffer penalties for the airport operator that doesn't maintain and operate it very well.

    Maybe SMC will be very much pleased to this also as RSA is keen on building and operating the country's gateway, maybe this can be his chance for NAIA as they lost their bid to operate MCIA and given that Transaire is already operating MPH.

  2. Hopefully - whomever wins will do a better job than the group that ran MRT3 into the toilet.

  3. Hopefully, the government will keep its nose out of the operations of the airport.
    Equally hopeful is that the government will allow professional managers the authority to manage and supervise other government departments in the airport - and to kick out all of the hangers on one sees standing around doing nothing at NAIA.

  4. My experience is that terminal 1 improved a lot. No long waiting lines anymore (especially after passing the terminal fee booth). When arriving you are in 20 minutes outside with your suitcase. Try that on Amsterdam Schiphol airport.

  5. What happened 2 the SMC/Sanley proposals ? It's about time 2 look 4ward long term..d b nahihiya o naiingit ang ating mga gov't officials if they travel overseas..


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