Philippine Airlines and All Nippon Airways Announce Partnership

Philippine Airlines and Tokyo-based All Nippon Airways have announced that they will enter into a commercial partnership that will include the operation of code-share flights and collaboration on frequent flyer programs.

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Code-sharing between the Philippines and Japan is set to begin on October 26, while reciprocal frequent flyer privileges will commence simultaneously. The agreement is designed to benefit passengers travelling on both carriers by enhancing the level of choice and flexibility. However, the new commercial agreement is still subject to government regulatory approvals.

At present, both carriers operate a combined total of 74 flights between the two countries each week. Most recently, ANA and PAL both launched new services between Tokyo Haneda International Airport and Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila.

As part of the code-sharing agreement, Philippine Airlines will be adding its "PR" flight code to services operated by All Nippon Airways, while ANA will be introducing its "NH" flight code on flights operated by PAL. In addition, the code-sharing will extend beyond the international flights between the two countries to include domestic services within the Philippines and domestic flights within Japan.

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Passengers travelling between the two countries and purchasing connecting tickets for domestic flights will now be able to check-in once for the entire journey with luggage checked through to the final destination. This will reduce the minimum connection time between flights from 120 minutes to 90 minutes when connecting to a domestic service.

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Philippine Airlines will be code-sharing on the following flights operated by All Nippon Airways:

  • Tokyo Haneda to Manila
  • Tokyo Haneda to Iwakuni
  • Tokyo Haneda to Kumamoto
  • Tokyo Haneda to Miyazaki
  • Tokyo Haneda to Kagoshima
  • Tokyo Haneda to Osaka Itami
  • Tokyo Haneda to Sapporo
  • Tokyo Haneda to Tokushima
  • Tokyo Haneda to Nagasaki
  • Tokyo Narita to Manila
  • Tokyo Narita to Niigata
  • Tokyo Narita to Komatsu
  • Tokyo Narita to Osaka Itami
  • Tokyo Narita to Sapporo
  • Tokyo Narita to Sendai
  • Nagoya to Miyazaki
  • Nagoya to Sendai
  • Nagoya to Sapporo
  • Fukuoka to Okinawa
  • Fukuoka to Osaka Itami
  • Fukuoka to Sendai 
  • Fukuoka to Miyazaki
  • Fukuoka to Komatsu

Image Source: All Nippon Airways/CAPA
All Nippon Airways will be code-sharing on the following flights operated by Philippine Airlines:

  • Manila to Caticlan
  • Manila to Cebu
  • Manila to Bacolod
  • Manila to Davao
  • Manila to Fukuoka
  • Manila to Dumaguete
  • Manila to Kalibo
  • Manila to Laoag
  • Manila to Nagoya
  • Manila to Osaka Kansai
  • Manila to Tacloban
  • Manila to Puerto Princesa
  • Manila to Tagbilaran
  • Manila to Tokyo Haneda
  • Manila to Tokyo Narita
  • Cebu to Tokyo Narita

Image Source: All Nippon Airways/CAPA
Meanwhile, passengers travelling on either carrier will be able to take advantage of free shuttle buses operated by Philippine Airlines between Terminals 2 and 3 at Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila. All Nippon Airways currently operates from Terminal 3 at Ninoy Aquino International Airport, while Philippine Airlines primarily operates from Terminal 2, with select flights at Terminal 3.

Copyright Photo: Angelo Agcamaran/PPSG
Philippine Airlines is currently in the process of seeking a foreign carrier as an investor and strategic partner to complement the existing ownership of the Lucio Tan Group. Earlier this year, Philippine Airlines announced a strategic partnership with Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways. PAL is still in need of code-sharing partners in the United States, Europe, Australia, and Canada.


  1. Nice move by PAL.

  2. That's kind of a step down for ANA...

  3. I'd prefer to see airlines like PAL code sharing with the Central, East and West Japan rail companies as who wants to travel by air within Japan when there are wonderful high speed trains to take one in comfort to many major cities and even smaller centres?

  4. Can't believe ANA is slumming it with PAL.

    1. On the contrary, this would be a long-term benefit for ANA as Japanese tourists flown by ANA from Japan to Manila would still need to take either PAL or Cebu Pacific in order to reach those numerous tourist cities in the Philippines. On the other hand, as ANA becomes more popular to Filipinos, it will gain more Pinoy market to ANA's foreign routes especially North America. Remember, Japan Airlines was once popular to the Pinoy market until its bankcruptcy. But now that ANA is the biggest and most robust airline in Japan, it should open up to good deals and good deeds with third world country airlines not only with PAL but with all Asian struggling airlines.

  5. does it mean that PAL is also interested to join STAR Alliance group?? Especially that they are adding the frequent flyer program of both airlines...

    1. I do not think so, as PAL and ANA are code sharing only flights between choice cities in Japan served by ANA and choice cities served by PAL in the Philippines. United Airlines, the most influential major leader of Star Alliance, would be crazy to let PAL join Star Alliance as PAL is a business competitor. I am certain UA management and stockholders would not even think of this idea, as Singapore Air, All Nippon, Thai International, Asiana and Air China are already members of Star Alliance. Besides, PAL has a very limited market base with limited profitability.

    2. I would be one of the first to block attempts of Airline Alliances to get PAL into their network. Mabuhay miles is one of the most generous in terms of mileage redemption. Beat that

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