Air Asia to Launch Southeast Asian Air Pass

In a bid to increase revenues and increase travel in Southeast Asia, low-cost carrier AirAsia plans to launch a regional air pass next year that will take low-cost air travel to an even more intense level in the region. According to AirAsia's Chief Executive Tony Fernandes, the AirAsia ASEAN Pass will enable passengers to travel to 10 different destinations in one month for approximately USD $150, excluding airport taxes.

Copyright Photo: Angelo Agcamaran/PPSG
Passengers will be able to select up to ten destinations from the AirAsia network that spans a number of countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Japan, and the Philippines among others. Fernandes believes that this new product will serve as the "catalyst" for increased air travel within Southeast Asia, while attracting a greater number of foreign tourists to the region.

It remains unclear whether the AirAsia ASEAN Pass will be made available for sale initially in the Philippines. However, the carrier plans to put the passes on sale beginning on January 15, when the carrier will release further details about the new product.

Known for its innovation, AirAsia has consistently been voted the World's Best Low-Cost Airline in the annual Skytrax World Airline Awards. The Malaysian based carrier has earned the prestigious title for the last six years in a row. It is represented in the Philippines by its local affiliates, AirAsia Zest and AirAsia Philippines. Recently, Fernandes announced a further infusion of US$500 million into the group's Philippine operations over the next four years.

AirAsia has been under rising competitive pressure from other low-cost carriers in the region, which has led the carrier to continue innovating new products and partnerships in an effort to maintain its industry lead. Although the carrier has pioneered and dominated cheap travel in the region for years, it has had to contend with a number of worthy competitors especially in the Philippine market where it faces off directly with the country's largest low cost airline, Cebu Pacific. 

Air travel in Asia is anticipated to rise by 6.7 percent annually over the next twenty years. Low-cost carriers currently hold approximately 25 percent market share of the regional air travel market. With rising incomes and a growing middle class all over Asia, a number of new entrants are hoping to get into the low-cost market, particularly in preparation for the establishment of a common economic community and open skies agreement between the Association of Southeast Asian Nations . 


  1. Kind of funny how Air Asia articles have so little comments compared to articles about Cebu Pacific or PAL. Anyway, very interesting product from Air Asia! Hope it will succeed!

  2. Many ads from Air Asia re their piso sale, but cannot find one. Seems only few seats offered.


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