All Nippon Airways Upgrades Manila Flights to Boeing 787 and 777

All Nippon Airways, Japan's largest carrier, has revealed that it will be upgrading its services to Manila from Boeing 767 aircraft to Boeing 787 and Boeing 777 aircraft. The Japanese carrier is a code-share partner with Philippine Airlines. 

all nippon airways 787 manila
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ANA currently operates two routes in the Philippines from Ninoy Aquino International Airport to Tokyo Narita and Tokyo Haneda Airport. Beginning on October 25, the Japanese carrier will upgrade its daily flight between Manila and Tokyo Haneda from a Boeing 767 to Boeing 787. 

The daily flight bound for Tokyo Narita will also see an upgrade at the end of October when it transitions from a Boeing 767 to a Boeing 787 aircraft. However, the 787 Dreamliner aircraft will only operate daily on the route until December 2, when flights will be upgraded to a larger Boeing 777 to accommodate the increased number of passengers travelling during the peak holiday season. 

According to, flights will be operated indefinitely five times weekly between Manila and Tokyo Narita by a Boeing 777 aircraft, while the 787 will continue to operate the remaining two weekly flights. 

All Nippon Airways began flying between Manila and Tokyo Haneda Airport in March 2014 as a direct response to the launch of flights to the airport by Philippine Airlines in the same month. PAL currently operates the largest number of flights between the Philippines and Japan. However, by the end of October 2014, the two carriers decided to join forces and form a code-share partnership on both international and domestic routes. 

ANA's daily flight between Tokyo Haneda and Manila departs Tokyo at 9:55am, arriving in Manila at 1:30pm. The return service departs Manila at 2:35pm, and arrives at Haneda at 7:55pm. Daily flights from Tokyo Narita depart Tokyo at 5:20pm and arrive in Manila at 8:55pm. The aircraft remains in Manila overnight and departs the Philippine capital at 9:30am, before arriving at Narita at 3:00pm. 


  1. Honestly, All Nippon Airways (ANA), financially-healthy and well-liked 4-star airline, should start the trend so the Big-3 USA carriers will follow suit! B767 flights of Delta (Seattle-Tokyo); United (Houston-Lima) and American (Miami-Bogota) Make you worried now because they are as old as my 25 and 27-year old children! For your info, I flew those above routes very recently (with lots of extra heartbeats). Whew!

  2. Now I can go back to ANA if it is phasing out its Tokyo to Manila seven six seven aircraft! Hala Bira!

  3. I have been flying ANA between IAD and MNL vv and frankly the upgrade to either a 787 or a 777 is a much needed move. The flight out of NRT is almost always 100% full. Way to go ANA! I just love flying with them.

  4. Actually the 767 is more comfortable then the 787 and 777 that ANA uses. The 787 and 777 from ANA have a tight seat. ANA now has a 777 with 10 seats across and I bet that is the plane they will use to Manila. The 767s that ANA use are fine aircraft and well maintained.

    This is kinda like how people want PAL to dump the A340 for the 777. Well PAL's 777 are 10 seats across and not comfortable.

    Shame on airlines that use 10 seats across on 777s. Despicable.

    1. 10-seats across in a 777 still feels much better than the 9-across seating in PAL's A330's.......

    2. ......and is an order of magnitude better than PAL and CebPac's A321's.....

    3. Airlines with 3-4-3 B777 seating configuration:
      Philippine Airlines
      TAM of Brazil
      Emirates Air

  5. I am hoping ANA will utilize its 787-8 with a 2-4-2 seat configuration.

  6. Is this true? I am booked and ticketed for MNL-NRT on ANA in November and it is still using old 767 aircraft.

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