AirAsia Launches New Premium Flex for Business Travelers

AirAsia has once again revolutionized the experience of travelling by introducing a new product known as, "Premium Flex." The service was launched last Monday, designed to cater to business travellers who often have unpredictable schedules, but at the same time expect comfort and convenience during flights.

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The AirAsia Group has seen growing demand for business travel and would like to make the experience more exciting and relevant to their passengers. According to Kenny Wong, AirAsia Group's Head of Ancillary, “With unpredictable schedules that business travellers keep, Premium Flex offers a peace of mind and convenience to change their flights at their fingertips, via their computer or handheld devices. It is the best deal in town as we offer the lowest fares while providing services and products at the highest quality.”

Under the Premium Flex program, business travellers can enjoy the flexibility to seamlessly change their flights even two hours prior to their scheduled departure for no additional fee. In addition, passengers are permitted to change their flight up to two times without incurring additional change fees. Passengers may change their flights up to two hours prior to their original flight, or up to three hours for any subsequent flights. Passengers travelling on board AirAsia X have until four hours prior to the scheduled departure to change flights.

As the world's best low cost airline for the last six consecutive years, AirAsia is raising the bar in the industry once again as it becomes the first low-cost carrier in Asia to offer a product designed exclusively for the needs of business travellers. The airline is constantly seeking to innovate and improve their products and services to fit the demands of consumers. "Ancillary income contributes around 20% of our revenue and we are determined to boost this further with new products and services," said Tony Fernandes, AirAsia Group Chief Executive Officer. "The flexibility and other perks are designed to provide a travel experience with high satisfaction standards which I am confident will be a hit.”


All AirAsia flights (except for Sri Lanka) will offer the Premium Flex product, which passengers can enjoy aboard both AirAsia and AirAsia X. Passengers can take advantage of a number of exclusive benefits including:

  • 20 kg checked baggage allowance
  • Pick A Seat Standard or Premium Seats (subject to availability)
  • Xpress baggage (Priority Baggage)
  • Xpress boarding (Priority Boarding)
  • Guests are allowed to change their flights up to 2 times with no change fee
  • Flight changes originating from the Philippines (PQ and Z2) may be done 3 hours before the scheduled time of departure.
  • If you are BIG points user, you will earn 1 point for every RM1 you pay

In order to enjoy the benefits of Premium Flex, Philippine travellers will need to pay an additional fee of just Php 520 for AirAsia Philippines flights. By upgrading to the Premium Flex service, passengers can enjoy savings of up to Php 4,200. "For a traveller who is conscious about costs, for example, you'll be able to get certain amounts of flexibility, and additional product offerings," said Fernandes.

Sources: CAPA,AirAsia

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  1. Good move for them but as far as AirAsia PH is concerned, I'm not really impressed. Have flown twice with them and they rescheduled it twice. AirAsia falls from my list.


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